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When you're here,
you're the main character.


Welcome!!! At The Haunt Salon we believe each appointment is about so much more than the service you're recieving. Life is stressful! So when you’re here we do three things; celebrate your individuality,  provide the relaxation your mind needs, and make sure you leave with results you love. In a culture that makes it so difficult to achieve any of these, our team of beauty pros are dedicated to delivering results and creating maintenance plans that fit into your lifestyle AND help you feel like your most authentic self.


When you’re here, we see more than just another customer. We prioritize understanding your unique struggles and needs. We see all the late nights and early mornings… The celebrations and tragedies… We get it. 


Traditional salons can feel intimidating. Are you ready for an experience that feels less like a fast-paced assembly line and more like relaxing in your bff’s super cozy living room? 


Head over to the "meet the crew" page and check out everything we have to offer!

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