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WHat does it mean to be an independant stylist?
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free from outside control; not depending on another's authority.

Individuality and growth (both personal and business) are core values at The Haunt Salon. We strive to uphold these for both our clientele and ourselves. In a world where people are too often criticized for coloring outside the lines or doing things a little differently, we believe it's not only important but also necessary to have support and a community that nurtures us into becoming the most authentic and successful versions of ourselves.

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Laura here! A little about what I do and why :) I'll give you the shortest version I can, lol. 

What's helped me the most in my career is having mentors who taught me how to think. As a kid I annoyed people to tears by constantly asking "why". (Hang around me long enough and you'll see that has not changed, lol) I wanted to understand how things and people work and that hasn't changed. I exist in a never-ending love affair with problem solving.  When the internet started being utilized by stylists to market themselves I had what I like to call an "oh shit moment". This was something I knew NOTHING about. At that time I had just had my third child and was struggling to put food on my table. I wanted to quit. But I couldn't do it. I know myself and I would be absolutely miserable at a 9-5.  

I decided this was simply another problem to solve and I could learn how to solve it. I just needed help. So I started investing in myself. I got all of the mentoring and coaching I could afford, which at first wasn't much but I'm scrappy and I'll make what I've got work for me. 

My vision for The Haunt Salon is for it to house beauty professionals who have that same hunger to build success for themselves. The ones who would rather bet on themselves to figure it out than quit when things feel hard. The ones who are determined to stick with it not because they think they have the knowledge they need, but because they're aware that they don't know enough and they want to learn.

I want to help multi-passionate stylists build careers that reflect who they are. Being independent is hard work no matter what. So why not spend that energy doing the right hard work? You have a weird idea that you want to implement into your business. Let's build it in. Is your current marketing strategy not working? I'll help you create one that will. Are you struggling to communicate boundaries to your clients? I'll help you feel more confident to do so. 

I want to help people learn the one skill that will carry you to success over and over again. That skill is simply how to think.

If you're still with me and this sounds like what you're looking for in a home salon, I invite you to fill out this form! 

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