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WHat does it mean to be an independant stylist?
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free from outside control; not depending on another's authority.

Individuality and growth (both personal and business) are core values at The Haunt Salon. We strive to uphold these for both our clientele and ourselves. In a world where people are too often criticized for coloring outside the lines or doing things a little differently, we believe it's not only important but also necessary to have support and a community that nurtures us into becoming the most authentic and successful versions of ourselves.



Morgan Hall

Keelee Cavins


Laura Wheat

A little about what we do and why :)  

Our vision for The Haunt Salon is for it to house beauty professionals who aspire to build success for themselves. The three of us have been through so much individually in our careers and the most valuable lesson that we have learned is that the right support can change everything. Booth rental doesn't have to be lonely. There are so many good aspects of the structure of an employee-based salon. We are evidence that autonomy can exist inside of partnership. We believe that the salon should represent and support the stylists, not the other way around. We love the beauty industry and we're here to be an example of something different. 

We want to help multi-passionate stylists build careers that reflect who they are. Being independent is hard work no matter what. So why not spend that energy doing the right hard work? You have a weird idea that you want to implement into your business. Let's build it in. Is your current marketing strategy not working? We'll help you create one that will. Are you struggling to communicate boundaries to your clients? We'll help you feel more confident to do so. 

We want to help beauty professionals learn the one skill that will carry them to success over and over again. That skill is simply how to think.

Does this sound like what you're looking for in a home salon? If so please fill out this form! 

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